soooooo i made a commission chart….and here’s some rules

what i do 

  • oc
  • fanart
  • bgs, sure i kinda like doing bgs
  • nsfw maybeeeee

what i don’t do 

  • animals, i can do furry but not animals yet sorry
  • bloody stuffs…
  • my NOTP….

comic commission

yes so my profession is comic making, i had won price so it won’t be too bad. i may make some grammar mistake or something but nothing big though.

i will need some information if you want to commission an one-page

  • character’s personality (relationships with other characters etc)
  • story summary
  • story back ground 
  • special requirements if you have one

postcard commission

freeee shipping~ and maybe if you want, you can purchased the existence postcards, which is on the chart, 12 usd/ per postcard, 

couple commission

i can do kissing, hugging, cuddling, yeah i’m kinda good at that. or maybe nsfw (maybeeeee)

all the commission will take me about one or two weeks to finish, all payment via paypal, you will want one if you wanna commission me :P

my paypal account: sasatseng@hotmail.com

you can note me on tumblr or email (same address to the payapl account) me the reference. 

feel free to ask, i don’t bite.

share it if you like or whatever u//-//u

Still not giving up on getting enough cash for the spirou event trip ;-;

Just in case you dunno I can also do things that non-spirou relate

Thanks to all ~

Just a little post to thank all the people who like my stuff, reblog it, or follow me. And also to all the nice and sweet persons who send me adorable messages. You make me blush whenever I open my mailbox x) I’m sorry if I don’t reply to all of you, but know that I’m really touched by all your kind words. 
And I know it will sound silly but, I don’t really know how to answer to such kind messages haha ^^”

So thanks to all of you for stopping by this blog :)

I thought there was an anguished moment of pure beauty in The Office. It was between Tim and Dawn, and there were kisses being sold for Comic Relief, and he gives her a pound. Of course they’re both terribly in love, but they haven’t admitted it. And she says “Well you have to have your kiss now.” and so they have to kiss. There’s this brief incandescent kiss. It’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, and they’re almost physically stunned by it. But it’s so real and so content that I think today I’m nominating that as my favourite bit of TV drama, even though it’s in a comedy.

Steven Moffat’s answer to ‘What is your favourite TV drama moment?’ [x]



(via moffia)